CV + Statement

James P Kinsella (b.1955 Waterford, Ireland) 

I am a research based visual artist, living in Vienna, Austria, exploring world issues and sustainable living through a range of media. These include writing, painting, photography, installation and video. I investigate global issues relating to migration, sustainability and renewables in a urban/city context through a socially engaged practice. I construct alternative spaces that are discursive, atmospheric and inclusive, inviting the audience to the creative act, through discussion, participation and dialog.

Curriculum Vitae

James P Kinsella: Born 1955 – Waterford, Ireland. Lives – Vienna. Home Studio, Herschelgasse 8, 1100 Wien, Austria.

E-mail: jamespkinsella(at) /

Academic Qualifications

2009: MA in Visual Arts Practices. Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

2008:  B.A. (Hons) Visual Arts Practice, First Class Honours,   I.A.D.T. Dun Laoghaire. Thesis: Traditional Painting Will Never Die.

2004: Certificate in Visual Education,    I.A.D.T. Dun Laoghaire.

1994: M.A. qual. Anthropology, studied. University of Ireland, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland.

1979: B.A. Psychology, Geography & Economics. University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.


Solo Exhibitions/Projects

2010-2011: ‘The Way That We Live’, Bookcubegallery (Ongoing as Socialmaterialbank project), Dublin.

2007: ‘Creative order’, Mill Theatre Gallery, (Jan – Feb), Dublin.

2006: ‘Big Bang’, Book Cube Gallery, (Jul – Sep), Dublin.


Visiting Lecturer and Socialmaterialbank Project.

2012: (Dec) Architecture and Social Art, Contemporary Architecture 11 – Architecture Transdisciplinary. Project – The, Architektur- und Kunstgeschichte, TU Wien.


Selected Group Exhibitions/Projects

2017: Write-now, Vienna. Public poetry reading, Subconscious Love; (Mar).

2017: Write-now, Vienna. Public poetry reading, poem on migration; ‘Vienna far from the Sea’ (Jan).

2016: Bild Buchpräsentation, Architektur Transdisziplinär Band 2, M Dittrich &A Rieger-Jandl; Chapter 5; Architektur un Social Art by JP Kinsella. Architektur- und Kunstgeschichte, TU Wien. (Chapter on Architecture and Social Art)

2016: Wir sind Wien. Readings on migration by migrants to Vienna. Ankerbrotfabrik, Art Centre, Absberggasse 35, Wien (June).

2016: Write-now, Vienna. Public reading, poem on homeland. ‘The Crash’ (Ireland 2008). (March).

2015: photo::vienna: werkschau. A retrospective of contemporary photography from Austria (Oct). MAK-Ausstellungshallle, Wien.

2015: Art Olympia, Tokyo, Japan (June).                

2015: SchöpfWerk Fest: The Socialmaterialbank project (June), Am SchöpfWerk, 1230 Wien.

2015: Pop Up Gallery, Incandescentartists & Art Pie, London, UK.

2015: Open studio, studiodasweissehaus. Socialmaterialbank project (21st Mar).

2014: ‘das weisse WINTER haus’, Studiodasweissehaus.  Open studio and Socialmaterialbank project (Dec). 

2014: photo::vienna: werkschau. First retrospective for contemporary photography from Austria (Nov). MAK-Ausstellungshallle, Wien.

2014: ‘OPEN STUDIO DAY’, Studio das weisse haus. Open studio and Socialmaterialbank project (Oct).

2014: Kreativen Plattform: Creative Brunch: Presentation and Socialmaterialbank participatory project (Oct). 1050 Wien.

2014: SchöpfWerk Fest: The Socialmaterialbank project (June), Am SchöpfWerk, 1230 Wien.

2014: Studio das weisse haus. Open Studio and Socialmaterialbank participatory project (Feb).

2013: Studio das weisse haus, Exhibition & X-Party, Socialmaterialbank participatory project and paintings.

2013: Studio das weisse haus, Open Studio and Socialmaterialbank project.

2013: SchöpfWerkFest: The Socialmaterialbank Project, Am Schöpfwerk, 1230 Wien.

2012: Pflanzentauschmarkt, The Socialmaterialbank Project,, Stadtteilzentrum Bassena, Am Schöpfwerk 29/14, Wien.

2011: The green-Door Leitrim Weekend, at The Dock Art Centre, Carrick-On-Shannon and The Leitrim Sculpture Centre, (9th – 11th September.

2010: “IS…IT? An off-site project, The Model, at The Trades Club, Sligo.

2009: 11th International Istanbul Biennial – parallel event, 1st International Artist     Initiatives Istanbul Meeting, (Oct). Title of Intervention; ‘Café Idea’.

2009: Public Gesture: The Lab, Dublin. (June).                                     

2008: Sculpture in Context 2008, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Invited Guest, (Oct).

Catalogue/ Publication/General

Publication: Architektur Transdisziplinär, Band 2; Article/Lecture Ch.5,                        Architektur un Social Art, IVA Verlag, Wien, 2016.            

Shortlisted: 2014 IDEA CAMP European Cultural Foundation.

Shortlisted: 2010. Art of Giving, National Art Competition (UK), Sculpture.

Graduate Review: Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, p16, 18-6-2008.

Graduate Exhibition publication: 2004, The School of Creative Arts.

Founder: Bookcubegallery 2006-2011, Bookcubegallery, Dublin.

Rathmines Bookshop: Setup and ran (Second-hand books) from 1988-2011.


2015: Art Olympia 2015, Tokyo, Japan. First-round winner, award €500.

2011: The Green-Door Leitrim weekend: Grant award.

2009: 11th International Istanbul Biennial: Bursary/Grant award.